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ArchivesPublications : Telling the Story
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The General Conference Office of Archives, Statistics, and Research (ASTR) is dedicated to making resources available that increase understanding of Adventist heritage and identity. This page will feature two series published by ASTR that contribute to this aim: the General Conference Archives Finding Aid Series and General Conference Monograph Series. These volumes draw on original, largely-unpublished primary sources from the Archives that help piece together the Adventist past and provide a fuller picture for us today. Engaging with these documents should provoke more study and investigation on the subjects, all to the end of telling our story faithfully and truthfully.

ASTRNewsletter_Autumn-2019.pdfTelling the Story - Autumn 201911/11/2019Michael F. Younker, EditorASTRNewsletter_Autumn-2019
ASTRNewsletter_Winter-2019.pdfTelling the Story - Winter 201912/23/2019Michael F. Younker, EditorASTRNewsletter_Winter-2019
ASTRNewsletter_Spring-2020.pdfTelling the Story - Spring 20203/23/2020Michael F. Younker, EditorASTRNewsletter_Spring-2020
ASTRNewsletter_Summer-2020.pdfTelling the Story - Summer 20207/24/2020Michael F. Younker, EditorASTRNewsletter_Summer-2020
ASTRNewsletter_Autumn-2020.pdfTelling the Story - Autumn 202011/6/2020Michael F. Younker, EditorASTRNewsletter_Autumn-2020
ASTRNewsletter_Winter-2020.pdfTelling the Story - Winter 20202/26/2021Michael F. Younker, EditorASTRNewsletter_Winter-2020
ASTRNewsletter_Spring-2021.pdfTelling the Story - Spring 20214/7/2021Michael F. Younker, EditorASTRNewsletter_Spring-2021
ASTR Newsletter Summer 2021.pdfTelling the Story - Summer 20217/19/2021Michael F. Younker, EditorASTR Newsletter Summer 2021
ASTR Newsletter Autumn 2021.pdfTelling the Story - Autumn 202112/15/2021Michael F. Younker, EditorASTR Newsletter Autumn 2021
ASTR Newsletter Winter 2022.pdfTelling the Story - Winter 20223/4/2022Michael F. Younker, EditorASTR Newsletter Winter 2022
ASTR Newsletter Spring 2022.pdfTelling the Story - Spring 20225/31/2022Michael F. Younker, EditorASTR Newsletter Spring 2022
ASTRNewsletter_Summer 2022.pdfTelling the Story - Summer 20228/26/2022Michael F. Younker, EditorASTRNewsletter_Summer 2022
ASTR Newsletter Autumn 2022.pdfTelling the Story - Autumn 202211/3/2022Michael F. Younker, EditorASTR Newsletter Autumn 2022
ASTRNewsletter_Winter 2023.pdfTelling the Story - Winter 202312/20/2022Michael F. Younker, EditorASTRNewsletter_Winter 2023
ASTR Newsletter Spring 2023.pdfTelling the Story - Spring 20233/20/2023Michael F. Younker, EditorASTR Newsletter Spring 2023
ASTR Newsletter Summer 2023.pdfTelling the Story - Summer 20236/16/2023Michael F. Younker, EditorASTR Newsletter Summer 2023
ASTR Newsletter Autumn 2023.pdfTelling the Story - Autumn 20239/27/2023Michael F. Younker, EditorASTR Newsletter Autumn 2023
ASTR Newsletter Winter 2024.pdfTelling the Story - Winter 202412/7/2023Michael F. Younker, EditorASTR Newsletter Winter 2024
ASTR_2024SpringNewsletter.pdfTelling the Story - Spring 20243/20/2024Michael F. Younker, EditorASTR_2024SpringNewsletter
ASTRNewsletter_Summer2024.pdfTelling the Story - Summer 20246/28/2024Michael F. Younker, EditorASTRNewsletter_Summer2024