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Advent Survey - Northern European Division, The137
Adventist Review Anniversary Issues11
Adventist World145
African Division Outlook, The237
American Sentinel636
Asiatic Division Outlook236
Atlantic Union Gleaner3952
Australasian Union Conference Record5235
Australasian Union Gleaner, The19
Bible and Our Times, The362
Bible Echo and Signs of the Times472
Bible Training School200
British Advent Messenger2005
Canadian Union Messenger2122
Caribbean Watchman93
Central Advance, The35
Central Union Outlook948
Central Union Reaper2181
China Division Reporter, The165
Christian Education292
Christian Educator, The20
Church Officers Gazette, The466
Collegiate Quarterly125
Columbia Union Visitor4173
Connect -East Central Africa Division7
Eastern Canadian Messenger813
Eastern Tidings, The940
Echoes from the Field312
Educational Messenger, The352
Elder's Digest106
Far Eastern Division Outlook574
Fides Et Libertas10
Field Tidings1137
GC Session Bulletins441
Global Mission Frontline21
Global Mission Picture Story19
Good Health (Australasian)93
Good Health (British)444
Gospel Herald, The303
Gospel of Health, The28
Gospel Sickle70
Health Reformer, The481
Herald of Health93
Home Missionary, The145
India Union Tidings68
Indiana Reporter219
Inter-American Division Messenger, The1033
Israel Field Newsletter2
Jamaica Record, The5
Jamaica Visitor, The198
Journal of Pacific Adventist History14
Journal of True Education, The147
Kansas Worker421
Lake Union Herald4107
Le Messager234
Life and Health965
Life and Health (Australasian)59
Life Boat, The378
Mid-America Adventist Outlook, The139
Middle East Messenger90
Midnight Cry, The27
Ministry Magazine1067
Mission 36041
Mission Quarterly, Children's71
Mission Quarterly, Teen11
Mission Quarterly, Youth/Adult451
Missionary Leader, The444
Missionary Magazine, The41
Missionary Worker, The768
New York Indicator804
North American Informant179
North American Regional Voice135
North Carolina Messenger40
North Michigan News48
North Pacific Union Gleaner4012
Northern Asia Pacific Division - News and Views153
Northern Light198
Northern Union Outlook2021
Northern Union Reaper1300
Notes of Progress (Malayan Union Mission)25
Oriental Watchman and Herald of Health, The673
Our Times48
Pacific Health Journal and Temperance Advocate140
Pacific Union Recorder3733
Present Truth and  Adventist Review, The19
Present Truth, The2108
Quarterly Report - European Division48
Review and Herald8496
Revue Adventiste856
Sentinel of Liberty, The86
Shepherdess Journal44
Signs of the Times3531
Signs of the Times - Australian3119
Signs of the Times - Canadian416
Signs of the Times and Oriental Watchman242
Signs of the Times Magazine12
South African Missionary, The469
South American Bulletin298
South European Quarterly Review139
Southeast Asia Union Messenger, The289
Southern African Division Outlook, The631
Southern Asia Tidings548
Southern Tidings3373
Southwestern Union Record3910
These Times -- Our Times -- Watchman Magazine, The689
Trans African Division Outlook130
West African Advent Messenger268
West Indies Union Visitor155
West Michigan Herald261
Western Canadian Tidings700
Worker's Bulletin, The1063
Youth's Instructor, The4451