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Online Archives

New Website Design has come to the Online Archiv​es!

Our online archives has gotten a renovation! While the online archives may look different from how it has looked for nearly a decade, it still delivers Adventist books, minutes, and periodicals. Thank you for your patience as we go through this process.  Please let us know of any remaining bugs.

The Office of Archives, Statistics, and Research is commissioned to preserve all materials produced by the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists and its departments.  The archives houses more than14,000 feet of records covering the entire period of the Seventh-day Adventist Church history. Patrons can trace the development of the church through these records, which include legal instruments, minutes, reference files, reports, correspondence, publications, recordings, films, video and audio tapes, and photographs.  This site marks the beginning of an effort to place some of the most referenced archival documents in a flexible and expandable online system. (more information)

Search Tips

Visitors to the Online Archives website can now perform advanced searches using Query Language.  These advanced searches can be used within specific pages (Periodicals, Minutes, Books, etc.) or from the Main Online Archives Webpage.

For example:

  • To search for a specific year or year and month:
    • Year only:  "GCDocYear=1900" or "(GCDocYear >1900 AND GCDocYear<1920)"
    • Year/Month/Day:  "DateTag:1900-12*" (documents in the month of December 1900) or "DateTag:1900-07-10" for the specific date 7/10/1900.
  • To narrow down the results to a specific periodical:
    • by URL: "Path:"  where Path is the base URL to the Periodical List.
    • by file name: "FileName:RH1999*" where RH1999 is the beginning of the PDF filename(s) (see the "Name" column in any list).
    • (or just use the search bar on the periodical page which defaults to filtering within that context)
  • All words in a group:  "ALL(Spicer India)"
  • Exact phrase:  "This phrase" (in quotes)
  • Any of these words: "ANY(Spicer India Pune)"
  • None of these words: "NONE(Travel)"

For more information regarding the General Conference Office of Archives, Statistics, and Research or for comments regarding site design and functionality contact the Webmaster.